Day 365

James the day after he was born. Photo taken by the ever so talented Carlie Statsky

“I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way.”

Carl Sandburg

Sheer chaos. Well let’s be honest here, it’s middle class, first world chaos I’m talking about. The type of chaos inflicted when a new member of the family is introduced.

It has been 365 days since our transition from a family of three – Husband, wife & dog – to a family of four. I once read somewhere that the days go by slowly but the years will fly by. Reflecting back on the last 12 months I couldn’t agree more.

Motherhood has been the most difficult task of my entire life. Every skill within the title mother has been a struggle for me to acquire – diaper changing, breast feeding, bottle feeding, sleeping, getting Alexa to recognize when I’m calling her on the first try – you know, all those skills mandatory to keep a tiny human alive. The type of skills you can only pick up while treading an open sea of dirty laundry, with one arm, and a baby grasped in the other.

Everything I knew had changed and changed profoundly.  Adapting to the needs of my environment I lost myself to the all encompassing road of motherhood. As quickly as I became familiar with myself, she seemed to change yet again.

People often speak of how rapid a newborn transitions to a toddler. The same is true with a woman becoming a mother. Becoming more self aware together- the infant for the first time and the woman, finding a new version of her old self.

The Blog: Blissfully Entropic serves as a reflecting pond on my yester-life’s stories before children, the shaping moments as wife and mother and as a looking lens into my thoughts of the future.

No matter how disoriented or chaotic this ride of motherhood becomes I will forever remain grateful for being allowed the journey of a lifetime. And hence why I will eternally remain blissfully entropic. Here’s to the bumps and bruises, laughs and tears, but mostly to the growth. Here’s to B

Blissfully Entropic,



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